Detailed descriptions of the workshops

MTABC offers workshops that will build your professional resources, musically and academically. Attending these workshops will enable you to refresh, expand and explore your professional skills as well as make connections with other music therapists. We are continuously looking for ideas and suggestions for future professional development workshops and potential presenters.

These workshops are a complimentary member service available to all MTABC members. Non-MTABC members are welcome to attend at a cost of $35/workshop. CE certificates will be given upon completion of the workshop. Where possible, these workshops will be recorded and uploaded to the “Recorded workshop” area within a month.

MTABC introduced several different professionals from various backgrounds who offered us invaluable resources this past year. All of our workshops were well attended by our members and often we were at full capacity.

Our CE workshops in the Lower Mainland will help develop skills to support the growth of music therapy in BC.

Please check our website for upcoming CE workshops or if you have ideas for a workshop topic or presenters, please contact the CE workshop chair, Isabel Lavender at:

If you are looking for past CE workshops and recorded workshops, please click here (membership required).

Thanks for your continued support and we look forward to seeing you at an MTABC workshop!

Isabel Lavender, MTA
CE Chairperson
For further details of these events, please check the Events calendar

AGM Workshop

Date: Saturday, April 7, 2018
3:15 – 4:30 pm
Queensborough Community Center, Island Room, 920 Ewen Ave, New Westminster, BC

Workshop description:

In the helping profession it is easy to get lost in the flow of helping others at the risk of overlooking or putting our own feelings on the back burner.

An important part of caring for others is making sure we care for ourselves otherwise we will not have the energy and compassion to serve others. Self-care can be so under valued: when we say we are taking time for ourselves, whether taking time off or giving ourselves a special retreat, often it falls short of the amount of self-care that we need to be investing in Self.

In this workshop we will explore ways that art can help us stay centered, maintain healthy boundaries, and prevent compassion fatigue. We will experience self care through art making and engagement and develop ideas for a sustainable creative self-care practice.