How to Become a Music Therapist

Q: What kind of education is involved to become a music therapist?

A: In actuality, education as a music therapist begins early in life, when a person begins learning a musical instrument or taking singing lessons. In Canada, music therapists complete a bachelor’s or master’s degree at a university approved by the Canadian Association for Music Therapists. The degree can include competencies like improvisation, group leadership, counselling skills, musical abilities on a variety of instruments, theories and models of music therapy, creative arts, assessment, and practicum experiences. The degree is followed by a 1,000-hour internship, which usually takes six month full time.


Q: Where can I get the training to become a music therapist in BC?

A: Capilano University is presently the only provider of music therapy education in British Columbia. Contact the coordinator of the program for more information at or call 604-986-1911, local 2307.


Q: I would like to see a music therapist in action before I consider becoming a music therapist. How do I do that?

A: Contact us at and specify what part of BC you live in, how to contact you and if you have any preferences for days or populations to observe. We’ll post your inquiry to those who can have an observer on site.


Q: Are there other places I can go in Canada for education?

A: There are four other music therapy education programs throughout Canada. The CAMT has a full list of programs. Go to for locations and further information.