Board of Directors

MTABC believes in quality leadership in our board of directors and committee members. Board members serve a two-year term and have their MTA credential.

The board consists of executive positions and Directors of Professional Services, External Relations and Advocacy and Government Regulations.



MTABC Board:
President: Laura MacLeod, MA, NICU-MT, MTA
President-Elect Andrea Matchullis, BMT, MTA
Past President Susan Summers, PhD, AVPT, MTA
Secretary: Olivia Nussey, MTA
Treasurer: Carolyn Neapole, AVPT, SEP, MTA
Director of Professional Services: Julia Walmsley, BCRMT, BMus, BMT, MTA, MT-BC
Director of Advocacy and Government Regulations: Susan Summers, PhD, AVPT, MTA
Directors of External Relations: Sheila Lee, MA, MTA, FAMI, RCC

Advocacy and Government Regulations Committee:

Autism initiative chair: Calista Switzer, MTA
Autism Initiative Committee: Esther Thane, MTA

Jacqueline Cheung, MTA

Jorden Liteplo, MTA

Micaela Pirritano, MTARuth Francis-Lyster, MT-BC, MTA

Advocacy task force members: Julia Adam, MTA

Julie Grannary, MTA

Shannon Carr Perkins, MA, MTA

Lizzy Walsh, MTA

Interior Advocacy Committee Kayla Turnbull, MTA

Judith Rietveld, MTA

Janine Carscadden

FACTBC Representatives Susan Summers, PhD, AVPT, MTA

Kevin Kirkland, PhD, MTA, FAMI

External Relations Committee:

Public Relations Chair: Jemma Sprusten, MTA
Public Relations Committee: Vacant
Advertising: Vacant
Social media Chair: Katherine Deane, MTA

Professional Services Committee:

New Grads Committee: Kristen Shin, MTA

Janelle Miller, MTA

Deven Miles, BMT

Micaela Pirritano, MTA

Susan Summers, PhD, AVPT, MTA

Alexina Davis, MTA

Ethics Chair: Kirsten Davis, MA, MTA
CE Workshops Committee: Cailey Dye, MTA

Natalie Kimpton, MTA

Aimee Murdoch, MTA

Janelle Miller, MTA

Photographer/videographer Katherine Lim, MTA
Conference Chair: Janelle Miller, MTA
Conference Committee: Cara Troje, MTA

Josh Denny-Keys, MTA

Kira Hickerson, MTA

Stacey Ewasko

Membership Chair:


Nadia Petriw, MTA
Membership Renewals: Peter Schroeder
Drumbeat Editor: Darby Meszaros,MTA
Drumbeat Publisher: Iris Wong, MTA
Website Liaison: Nicole Broughton, MTA
Administrative Assistant: Peter Schroeder
Regional representatives: Fraser Valley: Sheila Harry, MTA Vancouver Island and Gulf Islands: Maryann Burrows, MTA Interior, Kamloops, Shuswap/Okanagan: Kayla Turnbull, MTA
Webmaster: Susan Friesen and Dana Alberts, eVision Media

Leadership Philosophy

As leaders in MTABC, we are committed to the mission, objectives and goals of MTABC and adhere to the following values and principles:

Excellence and striving for continuous quality in everything we do.

A clear, appropriate, timely and open exchange of ideas, feelings, expectations, information, and engage in active listening.

The authority, accountability and responsibility for decision-making.

An effective, efficient, creative process used to achieve a common goal in an atmosphere of trust, support and respect.

Positive personal and organizational change achieved through creatively, risk-taking and learning.