Advocacy and Government Regulations

MTABC serves its members by continuing to expand its advocacy materials and resources for use by the association and individuals. Please take advantage of using the following resources and contact MTABC if you have suggestions as to what other materials would be useful to you.

The role of the advocacy chair and committee members is to advocate for music therapists and the music therapy community as a whole, primarily in the areas of job creation and job retention. The committee may initiate advocacy efforts such as meeting or writing local representatives from the provincial government, regional health authorities, local school boards and other employers and agencies, speak about music therapy at events as required, and respond to requests from music therapists in order to advance the practice of music therapy.

MTABC was invited by HSA to send a representative to a first-of-its-kind, one day conference in April, 2018 that brought together government officials, union members, professionals from all associations, and interested parties to discuss and learn about the contributions that public-practice health science professionals contribute to team-based care. Please see the video and read the HSA Conference Full Report that came out of this important day. For the full story, check out HSA link.

MTABC Advocacy Resources

CAMT Advocacy Resources

  1. CAMT statement regarding personal listening devices
  2. Creating effective music listening opportunities
  3. Index of research by CAMT members

Government Regulations Resources