Luke Lee Burton

Credentials: MTA, MMT, MT-BC and Hons. BFA (mus)
Location of Practice: Other
Fluent Languages: English
Professional Phone Number: (604) 200-7243
Type of Sessions: Individual, Group
Taking Clients: Yes
Telehealth Options: Online
Insurance accepted: Yes
Areas of Practice: Anxiety, Depression, Personal growth
Locations Served: North Vancouver, Whistler
Clients: Adult, Older Adult, Youth

I support clients to find and follow the aliveness in their lives.  Anxiety, depression, jealousy, “failure to launch”, relationship issues, addiction, body issues… all of these are clues showing up in uncomfortable ways to invite a journey of discovery.  On the other hand: attraction to people/places/ideas, the music you love, dreams, desires of all kinds, are similarly invitations to know yourself more deeply.  I journey with people, through whichever door is most energized in the moment, to the places that are calling out for healing and integration.  I help people let go of limiting beliefs and habitual behaviours to come into their tenderness, clarity and courage, and face life more directly.  Step by step move into a life of creativity, meaning and purpose that is uniquely yours.

My own journey of following my aliveness has led me to study yoga and meditation, a degree in music and a master’s degree in music-centred psychotherapy, several years training in gestalt, somatic and transpersonal therapy, a certification as a soul-centred facilitator, involvement in cultural sensitivity workshops, community building, training in couples therapy, and in tantric and mystery school approaches to sexuality and health.  I’ve worked with business coaches, relationship counsellors, psychotherapists, shamanic healers, intuitive healers, and spiritual gurus; all helping me  journey to the places in myself and gather the tools that give me the opportunity to be of greater service to others.

If what I’m saying speaks to you, I would love to connect for a free 15 – 30 minute chat to get a sense of whether working together feels alive.  I look forward to hearing from you.